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Applicators, Scrapers & Blades

Lambs Wool Applicators & Refills, 3/4" Nap

Nottingham wood products selects the finest quality sheepskin products to satisfy all your
applicator needs. Sizes from 8"-24".

Premium Lambs Wool Applicators & Refills, 1" Nap

Our premium sheepskin products, processed for the medical industry, are 1/4" longer with
a thicker nap to hold more finish with less drips. Sizes from 8"-24"

Water Base Applicators & Refills

  • Yellow flocked foam or blue nylfoam®
  • Sizes from 8"-24"

Water Base Flat Edging Applicator

  • 9" Applicator & Refills

Floor Coaters & Refills

  • Heavy or light T-Bar applicators
  • Sizes 12", 18" and 24"

Polishing Bonnets

  • Available in Lambs woll and synthetic
  • Sizes from 7"-20", with other sizes available

Finish Buckets

  • Super Bucket -(Water Base)
  • Solution Tray (Oil or Water Base)

Paint Brushes

Available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet all of your needs

Scrapers & Blades

  • Sizes range from 1"-2.5" wide and 11"-24" long
  • Red Devil® Blades, twin pack or bulk
  • Bull nose & V-Groove Scrapers

Sandvik® Files

  • 6" or 8"
  • With or without handles



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